Reality is a platform that addresses current issues affecting Christian culture. Each year speakers from around the world bring their diverse experiences and provide training to engage in conversations that are often controversial. This year we are tackling the question, “What makes us different?”

Throughout scripture, God has called his people to be different. Being different can take many forms: being different people than we used to be, managing the differences between each other, and being different than the world. Reality 21 is an event designed to define what it means to be different and inspire people to lead a different life.

Watch with us

Watch this short video to get a better understanding of what this event is all about. Reality is an annual event put on by the AO Campus ministry in Los Angeles. Every year we talk about current topics that help us become more like Jesus in our modern world.

On April 10, 2021 we will be having this event again. It will be a hybrid event due to the Pandemic but still have amazing content. The YouTube Premiere will be right here at 5pm. If you’d like to join us on Zoom, the link will open at 4:45pm and will be at the top of this page. If you’d like to join one of our watch parties, contact us below and we’ll connect you with someone in your area.

Opening Message Dike Ezenekwe

God calls his people to be different and willing to continually change. The Holy Spirit continues to enter uncharted waters and requires those who follow Jesus to be flexible. This lesson is designed to highlight the fact that the past year has been unique, and for Christians to survive in an ever-changing world, they must be willing to change also.

About Dike

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Panel Discussion Participants

God calls his people to strive for complete unity, although not necessarily complete uniformity. In our world, we see this dynamic play out every day: you either completely agree with me or we are enemies! This panel is designed to highlight the acceptable differences that can arise between Christians, but show that we can handle those differences with openness, curiosity, and love.

We’re honored to be joined by lifeline.la this year in our panel discussion. lifeline.la seeks to reflect God’s light by creating an inclusive environment for all identities, especially those who are marginalized, within faith communities. We advocate for all people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, differently-abled bodies, the homeless, those with mental health challenges, and those from various socio-economic backgrounds. We seek to study God’s word and start conversations surrounding some of the most challenging questions plaguing today’s society and to reach a place of mutual understanding and love, especially at points of disagreement.

Kene Izuchukwu, M.Div

Kene Izuchukwu, M.Div

Campus Minister

Kene is the founder and CEO of Chukwu. In addition, he currently works as a College & Young Professional Minister for The Westside Church and as a reserve Chaplain in the U.S. Air Force. Kene also serves as an Athletic Chaplain for the Pepperdine Men’s Volleyball Team and loves playing beach volleyball, football, and basketball. He also enjoys hiking, reading, board games, ping pong, corn-hole, and watching movies.

Steve Lounsbury

Steve Lounsbury

Westside Church - Lead Evangelist

Steve and Carie lead the Westside Church here in Los Angeles. Westside Church is a close-knit family of believers that focuses on real life Christianity.

Carie Lounsbury

Carie Lounsbury

Westside Church - Women's Ministry Leader

Carie and Steve lead the Westside Church here in Los Angeles. Westside Church is a close-knit family of believers that focuses on real life Christianity.

Meigan Whitcomb

Meigan Whitcomb

lifeline.la - Founder, Creator

Meigan is a 21 year old sociology student and Christian. She’s pursuing a career in sociological research and framework because she’s passionate about understanding systems of oppression and privilege so that she can truly reflect God’s design for equity and inclusive love.

Janai Johnson

Janai Johnson

lineline.la - Communications Manager

Janai is a 23 year old mixed black woman and Christian. She’s currently finishing her degree in nutritional science and dietetics and is passionate about body positivity and inclusivity (particularly for BIPOC identities). Her hope is to aid in creating a truly safe place within our body of churches.

Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel Gonzalez

lifeline.la - ICOC Liaison

Rachel is a 23 year old Filipino immigrant woman of faith. Rachel is pursuing graduate degrees in Public Health and Social Work. She hopes to spend her life advocating for marginalized groups, specifically in mental health. Her work is fueled by her passion for Jesus and His ministry.

Closing Message Dawn Russell

About Dawn

Dawn Russell serves as a Ministry Leader in the Lifeway Church. She has over ten years of ministry experience focusing on student ministries. She holds a degree in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach. Dawn is a trauma survivor and her lived experience has enabled her to help women find hope in Jesus in the midst of life’s challenges. Dawn’s personal mission is to empower individuals to use their experiences in a way that leads to positive change and brings glory to God.

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